Bestmassage EC-06C Massage Chair Review

Are you looking for a massage chair that’s loaded with great features, but won’t break the bank? The Bestmassage EC-06C is one really great and cheap massage chair option to consider. With four built-in massage functions, it will have you feeling relaxed and refreshed in no time at all. Plus, it’s surprisingly affordable considering all the great features it provides to buyers. We have the scoop on the technology within this massage chair, the pros and cons, and more so you can decide if it’s the right one for you:

Features & Technology

Zero Gravity

The Bestmassage ec-06c is a fully automatic zero gravity massage chair. Zero gravity allows your body to be in a position that takes all of the stress off of your back. It’s the same position that astronauts are in during a shuttle launch (hence the name). If you’re looking for a deep massage, you really should consider a zero gravity chair.

Easy Control Panel

Many luxury massage chairs on the market can be tough to use. This is because the manufacturers want to stuff as many programs into the chair as possible but they don’t focus on making it user-friendly. The EX-06C has a very easy-to-use control panel, so you won’t have to worry about being confused over buttons or anything else. You can power it on, select your settings, and just relax. It doesn’t get any easier than that since the chair handles all the hard work for you.

Various Massage Functions

As mentioned above, this chair provides you with four different main functions. It provides Recovery, Relax, Extend, and Refresh program functions, for the ultimate in comfort. The power rollers inside the chair are superb and provide a human-like touch and deliver shiatsu style results for guaranteed relief when it comes to tight muscles and knots. You’ll feel kneading, compression, percussion, chopping, flapping, and rolling movements while using the chair. These rollers will help relax muscle stress and can even help reduce feelings of fatigue in the process. All you have to do is recline into a position that’s comfortable for you and let the chair’s rollers work their magic.

Promotes Blood Circulation

This chair provides a wide range of motion, unlike many other massage chairs on the market. The Bestmassage ec-06c reaches from your neck to the tailbone and offers extra support for the lower back area. There are over 30 airbags inside the chair. With 20 of those built-in airbags in the lower body of the chair, even your legs, thighs, and feet can enjoy a relaxing massage. This is perfect for promoting better blood circulation in the lower extremities. You’re able to adjust the intensity of this air massage, so you can change it from weak to strong, based on your needs at any given time.

Neck Massager

If you get a tense neck and upper shoulders due to your job and/or stress, the EC-06C has you covered. It comes fully stocked with a neck massage feature that will help relieve any feelings of a tension in the neck and upper shoulder region by targeting stress relieving “tsubo points” on your neck. You can also enjoy the hand massager, which is perfect for use after those long days of typing on your keyboard or for anyone who struggles with arthritis pains.

Applied Heat

Another great feature of this massage chair is the heating function. You can have the chair apply heat to your lower back and feet to provide relaxation and release any tension. You can easily switch the heat on and off so you only have to use it when you need the extra soothing it provides. You’ll want to take advantage of this any time you’re dealing with achy muscles for instant relief.

Various Different Styles

The updated design of the Bestmassage ec-06c looks sleek and it comes in three different colors so you can choose the one that suits your home the best. You really can’t go wrong with the black, brown, or burgundy designs. Any one of them would be a great addition to your home and you’re guaranteed to enjoy relaxing in them.


The look and feel of this chair are very similar to some recliners on the market and that is one of its main selling points. This chair is no-frills and no extra extravagancies when it comes to design. The EC-06C is for people who just want a great massage chair at a great price and don’t want to pay an extraordinary amount for a futuristic looking chair. On design alone, this chair is one of the best values in terms of massage chairs.

Warranty & Returns

When you purchase the Bestmassage ec-06c, it comes with a one-year limited warranty. This warranty ensures you are fully covered on all parts of the chair for one year. If anything happens to the chair in that first year, buyers are not required to pay to send the chair back to the company for repairs. The company will cover the costs and will send the chair back to you after necessary repairs have been made. Having this warranty provides peace of mind and reassures you that you’ll receive assistance if anything were to go wrong.

If you decide to return the chair, you will have to review the return policy of the company from which you purchased it. Most will accept returns but will possibly require you to pay return shipping or a restocking fee, so you want to be aware of their policies on the matter. Always double-check before making your purchase!


It’s no secret that many massage chairs often cost well over $1,000, which has stopped many people from purchasing one of their own. The great thing about the Bestmassage ec-06c is that it provides all the nice features you’d want in a massage chair without the hefty price tag. The current price on Amazon for this massage chair is under $1,000. Seeing a massage chair with all of the features that this one has at a price under one thousand dollars is incredible. When ordering through Amazon, you also receive free shipping, which helps to cut down on costs.


As mentioned, this chair is more affordable than other options, while still providing great functionality and results. The price tag certainly makes this a very tempting buy and is definitely a pro on our list. The full range of motion this chair provides is something you’ll love to take advantage of as it comforts you from your neck down to your feet. The heating feature is also a great touch and will help to soothe and relax the muscles in your lower back and feet.


The Bestmassage EC-06C does have fewer massage functions than many other chairs currently on the market, however it still provides customers with a great value for the money. If you’re looking for more features than this chair provides, you will have to shell out some extra cash for more expensive models. The average user will be more than happy with the functions this model provides, so it’s worth checking out if you’re interested.


If you’re in search of a massage chair that provides great features at a more affordable price than others, the Bestmassage ec-06c massage chair is a great option for you. With its four built-in massage functions and the human-like massaging techniques it uses, this chair will have you feeling like new again in no time at all. It’s sure to receive any tension you have and will soothe those aching muscles.

The high-quality leather ensures you’re comfortable and that the chair is durable. Plus, you can rest easy knowing it comes with a one-year limited warranty if it ends up needing any repairs. Sounds great, right? Now all that’s left is to choose which color suits your home the best, place your order, and get ready to relax!

Bestmassage EC-06C
  • Features & Technology
  • Warranty & Returns
  • Price
  • Overall Comfort
The Good

Very good price

Applied heating

The Bad

Not many style options

Slightly less massage functions

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