Cozzia EC-618 Massage Chair Review

If you’re looking for a great massage chair to bring into your home, Cozzia is one of the well-known brands you’ll want to look into. One of the companies most popular chair models is the EC-618. This chair has 3D massage rollers, multiple airbags, and many special functions that deliver a fantastic massage with every use.

However, it’s a pretty expensive purchase and we want to make sure you’re informed on all this chair can do before you decide whether or not to buy it. If you want to find out if the Cozzia EC-618 is the right massage chair for you, keep reading for our full review where we take a look at the design, the technology it offers, and what some real-life customers have to say about their experience with it.


The Cozzia EC-618 massage chair has a sleek design that can easily be incorporated into your home’s interior design. It comes in black, which makes it easy to pair with any room of your home. It has a headrest that wraps around the sides with extra padding for your head to help you get comfortable during the massage. There are also slots for your legs, which allows you to get a nice massage in your calves as well as on the soles of your feet.

Inside the chair, there are two twin rollers that are designed to mimic the feeling of human hands, thus giving you an incredible massage experience. There are also 46 airbags inside and they are located around the neck, shoulders, back, arms, palms, calves, and the soles of your feet. The airbags are designed to apply deep tissue compression to specific parts of the body. They will pulse and squeeze and they work alongside the chair’s rollers for a truly effective massage.


This Cozzia massage chair has some pretty impressive technology inside, such as the 3D massage rollers. Many of the massage chairs on the market today have rollers that only move up, down, left, and right. This is rather limiting and impacts the effectiveness of the massage you receive. With 3D rollers, they aren’t restricted to just these movements. They can move in and out as well, which allows them to press deeper into the muscle tissue. Not only does this give you a deeper massage, but it also allows you more control over the intensity of the massage you receive. The more control you have, the more personalized and effective your massage experience is.

These 3D rollers have an S-Track technology that follows the curve of your spine to really give a great performance. The rollers’ 3D technology will really come in handy if you’re dealing with soreness or any kind of tight knots that you need to be worked out. You’ll use the massage chair’s remote to control the settings and you can adjust the speed and intensity of the rollers with ease. In fact, they have five different settings and three roller width levels you can choose from.

Much like the other massage chairs on the market, this model does come with automatic programs already built-in. There are multiple preset programs you can choose from, but you can also tinker with the manual settings to create your own massage as well. If you’re someone who is more interested in the preset programs, you will find eight with this massage chair. There’s a Gentle program, which is perfect to use when unwinding at the end of the day because it provides a mild massage. There is also a Relax program that’s perfect for combating those stressful days. You can choose the Therapy or Vigorous programs if you’re someone who is active and exercising often. These programs will be perfect for soothing those sore muscles after a tough workout. The Swedish program provides deep tissue kneading and the Thai program gives your body a deep stretch. If you’re looking for a deep tissue massage for the entire body, the Chinese program is the one you need.

Don’t forget that the Cozzia EC-618 has airbags that work in conjunction with the rollers for a full body massage experience. As mentioned above, the airbags in a massage chair are designed to provide deep tissue compression. They also help to promote feelings of relaxation while also increasing circulation throughout the body.

This model is also a Zero Gravity massage chair that allows you to comfortably recline into a position that makes you feel as if you were weightless. This position raises your feet above the level of the heart, which ultimately helps you settle into a relaxed state. There’s also a vibration setting within the seat of the chair and you can utilize the heating in the lumbar area to provide deeper relief.

Included Accessories & Other Features

The chair is operated by a basic remote with buttons and a small display that is included with your purchase. This remote allows you to access all of the preset programs that are already built-in and gives you the opportunity to change settings in order to really customize your massage. It’s easy to use and to make adjustments during the massage session.

The chair also has a headrest cover, which adds some more support to the head area. There’s even MP3 input and speakers in that headrest cover so you can listen to music during your massage.

Warranty & Support

The Cozzia EC-618 comes with a two-year warranty on all parts, but only comes with a one-year labor warranty for in-home service. The warranty is often something people consider when purchasing a massage chair because they want to know they will be covered if something goes wrong. This chair’s warranty is significantly less compared to what other manufacturers offer.

What Others Are Saying

Overall, customers seem to be pretty pleased with their Cozzia massage chair! This particular model is one of the most popular from the brand and it’s easy to see why. People rave about the massage experience they receive, claiming it feels as good as getting a massage from a professional masseuse.

It’s also easy to assemble, which means you can start using it much sooner. There are no complicated parts to put together or anything like that. Once you get it into your home, you can simply set it up and begin using it. You’re going to love the preset options it has made available.

Pros & Cons

One of the greatest features about the Cozzia EC-618 is the inclusion of the 3D rollers. They work their magic by providing a human-like, deep tissue style massage. The rollers have greater movement than many other chairs on the market and being able to move in and out means they can provide a deeper massage. The chair will also automatically detect the curve of your body and make micro adjustments as needed. This is great because you won’t have to tweak the settings too much. It determines the curve of your spine and your body’s width to conform to you, customizing the massage experience just like a professional masseuse would do. It’s perfect if you’re looking to get a truly effective massage because those features really do make all the difference.

The addition of heating in the lumbar area is also a nice touch for anyone who suffers from back problems. Applying a little heat to the area with soothe sore muscles and help relieve any tension you may be experiencing. The seat vibration is also another nice feature as it provides air bubble-like massages to the skin.

On the downside, the timer for the massage chair only allows you to select a massage for five to 30 minutes. While this may be fine for some uses, others who prefer a longer massage may become frustrated by this. You’d have to start the massage cycle all over again if you’d like to go longer than 30 minutes.


It should come as no surprise that all of these features will come at a price. In fact, the Cozzia EC-618 is going to set you back a totally of $5,699.99. While that’s a pretty expensive price, you have to consider the value you’re getting when making the purchase. This chair has a lot of amazing features and you’re guaranteed to get a great massage for the price you’re paying. Not to mention, it’s nice being able to have access to a professional style massage in the comfort of your own home. You have to think of it as making an investment in your health.


Massage provides so many benefits to your body, but also to your mental health. While a great massage can help in relieving back pain and muscle tension, it can also work to reduce stress and help you get into a state of relaxation. It’s also perfect for relieving headaches and migraines and can even promote a restful night of sleep. And that’s not all! If you’re craving a massage chair that is going to give you all of those things, you’ll want to look into the Cozzia EC-618.

The Cozzia EC-618 provides some amazing features including its 3D massage rollers, its Zero Gravity reclining position, and so much more. You’re going to enjoy every minute you spend in this chair.

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