Daiwa Legacy Massage Chair DWA-9100 Review

Let’s be real. Not all of us have the time or money to go to a massage parlor to relax. We all have hectic schedules in this rapidly developing world and any free time is dedicated to doing things we like instead of scheduling appointments for a massage. However, we always need such a method with which we can reduce the tension from the body and ease the stress of the day. One great investment would be to buy a high quality massage chair.

Such a product will allow you to relax whenever you have an extra moment. You can use this massage chair while watching TV or reading a book if you want. With various options for you to choose from, the U.S. Jaclean Daiwa Legacy Massage Chair is one you should consider. Here is why…

Features & Technology

The Daiwa DWA 9100 is a massage chair that massages the entire body. The chair also has the ability to focus on specific areas like the shoulders, feet, thigh, and back. Moreover, the chair comes with six pre-programmed massage auto-programs which you can choose from.

Each auto-program serves a different part of the body. The Daiwa Legacy massage chair is feature-rich and uses the latest technology to provide you with a relaxing and soothing massage.

The features and the technology used in this chair is discussed in detail below…

Zero Gravity Concept

As the name suggests, you can experience zero gravity with this chair. Of course, not literally but you feel as if you are weightless and are floating in the air. The chair makes this experience possible by moving the chair and setting it at an ideal thirty-degree angle.

This distributes the weight of the body appropriately and reduces the amount of pressure that is applied on the body. As a result, you get the ultimate comfort and also achieve the floating sensation.

According to research, when the body is in the zero gravity position, it is in the most comfortable and the least stressful position. Thus, this position is ideal for an effective massage. This position is in fact used by astronauts during takeoff so that they experience minimal stress.

So, in this position, the chair provides optimal support to the back while the footrest elevates the legs up to where the heart is. This position provides maximum relaxation and numerous benefits.

The zero gravity concept incorporated in this chair is a unique feature that hardly any other massage chair has. It has various benefits which include the following:

Reduces amount of stress on the heart

The zero gravity feature keeps the pressure that is applied to the heart as low as possible. This promotes the flow of oxygen to the muscles and the blood.

Refreshes muscles

In such a position, the lymph nodes can successfully eliminate toxins present in the body. As a result, the working muscles receive more oxygen, therefore being rejuvenated. The blood flow to the brain is also enhanced.

Provides support to the heart

The said position slows down the heart rate in such a way that your breathing is stabilized and the levels of oxygen in the blood are boosted.

Good for the back

The zero gravity position promotes the health of your back by fully supporting all of the back muscles while you enjoy your massage. Consequently, the muscles are relaxed and you are relieved from any pain you might be feeling.

Better blood circulation

Since this position is able to create a sense of deep relaxation throughout the body, the amount of stress on the heart is reduced. This helps the blood in delivering vital nutrients to each and every part of the body.

3D Body Scanning system

Another unique function, the 3D scanning system lets you have a personalized and accurate massage. With the help of this feature, the chair is able to deliver such a massage that contours to the curvature of the spine of the user. Since this curve is unique to every individual, whoever decides to get a massage with this chair will be able to enjoy the offered massage to the fullest.

The 3D scanning system initially maps your back by scanning all the contours of the body as well as the unique shape of the spine before starting the massage. So, the bottom line is that multiple users in the house can have a personalized and efficient massage because of this particular feature.

Triple reflexology rollers

This feature is based on the principles of reflexology which ensures a deep and thorough massage. The triple foot rollers work by activating the nerve endings present on foot. This helps to renew the vitality, improve the circulation of blood, and relieve tension. The three different rollers make sure that the specific needs of the feet are met.

Rocking rotation technology

With the rocking rotation technology, the chair can create a metronome based movement. In other words, the chair can move back and forth in such a way that it stimulates the feeling of sitting in a rocking chair.

It is up to you whether you want to sit on the chair or enjoy the massage while lying on the chair. The rocking sensation also makes you feel as if you are floating. You also have the option of stopping this rocking motion when you feel like it with the help of a remote control which comes with the Daiwa Legacy Chair Massager.

Airbag Massage

This might sound new to you; this massage chair has built-in 48 airbags that contribute to a fantastic, soothing massage. These airbags deflate and inflate rhythmically while you enjoy your massage. These airbags stretch the muscles to eliminate all the tension from them by using a soft massage. As a result, blood circulation improves, and the body is relieved from fatigue. These airbags have been fitted around the arms, on the shoulders, and under the calves and thighs to that, you can get a full-body stretch. With these 48 airbags you can get:

Calf massage

The airbags provide a compression massage. Meanwhile, shiatsu nodes work to relieve stress from the calves.

Ankle and heel grip

The airbags for the foot are slightly larger so that they can provide a luxurious compression massage to the heels and ankles

Undulation sole shiatsu

The airbags accurately mimic the alternating compression technique that is used in a live massage. The shiatsu nodes provide a deep massage to the feet.

Bluetooth technology

With the Bluetooth technology feature incorporated in this chair, you can now listen to your playlist wirelessly. Once you have settled down in a comfortable position for your massage, you can connect your Android device, iPad, iPod, iPhone, or other similar devices to enjoy your favorite songs.

High quality speakers are mounted on top of the shoulder massagers so that they are in line with your ears. This way, you get a surround sound experience. If you prefer, you can also listen to an audiobook while you relax.

Special heat therapy

The therapeutic and relaxing heat function is designed particularly for the lumber regions so that it can provide extraordinary relief from excruciating back pain. It is a known fact that heat therapy is ideal for easing tension and eliminating stress. It is also exemplary for sore muscles and relieving the pain arthritis patients experience.

If you want to activate the special heat therapy, you will have to manually switch it on with the control panel of the chair. This feature can alleviate the pains and aches in the body particularly the ones in your lower or upper back. The heat flow follows the L-shape massage track of the chair so that the entire body benefits from heat therapy.


The design of the chair is pretty simple, and the chair overall looks quite elegant.

L-shape massage track

The massage track follows an L shape which implies that it starts from the base of the neck all the way down to the hamstrings in the thigh. Such a massage track is possible thanks to the chair’s rollers. Each roller has a stroke measuring 49-inches which one of the longest strokes you will find.

As a result, more body parts can be subjected to a rejuvenating massage. The majority of luxury chairs that are present in the market today use a massage track which is S-shaped. Such a track is less effective and less efficient than the L-shape track. So, it is safe to say that the L-shaped track of the Daiwa Legacy chair provides a more relaxing experience.

Adjustable Foot Extension

The foot extension of this massager chair can slide in and out so that it provides an efficient massage for people of all height. At an extended position, the foot extension measures 5.5 inches so that you can enjoy a customized foot and leg massage right from the soles of the foot up to the calves.


The chair doesn’t have any armrest; however, the chair has ample space to keep your hands by your side.

Warranty & Return

The Daiwa massage chair comes with three years of warranty. You can also check the official website for any queries about the product. It comes with a repairing warranty of all the parts included in this massager chair. You can also contact your seller in case of any queries regarding this Daiwa massage chair.


The U.S. Jaclean Daiwa massage chair comes with one of the most affordable prices when compared to other massage chairs. It comes with various good qualities that make it worth the price tag. It’s not a hefty investment and lasts long. So, if you’re thinking of buying a massage chair, this one might be it.


It is one of the most affordable massage chairs compared to others in the market. Its L-shaped track makes it convenient to use for all body heights and sizes. The Heat technology makes the massage more soothing and relaxing.

Furthermore, the Zero Gravity feature can make you feel like floating in the air that makes you feel stress-free. The Rocking rotation technology can be used to give you a relaxing ‘rocking’ sensation during the massage.

It is very durable and environment friendly. This chair also happens to be easy to use. The Bluetooth technology allows you to listen to music wirelessly. It also comes with one of the longest stroke massager rollers.

Its ankle grips are designed to massage your soles, ankles, and calves. The leg extension can be stretched up to 5.5 inches to provide a comfortable massage to your legs. It is very flexible massage chair as compare to others. Also, it is suitable (and can be adjusted) for any type of body.

The scanning technology is able to scan different body structures to give the best massage. You can also plug in a USB to enjoy music. Its timer setting makes it convenient for longer periods.


Assembling this chair can be difficult. Though it comes with a user manual, first-timers are likely to have a tough time. Some people might also feel difficulty when using the foot rest pads. This chair can’t be preprogrammed.

People with lighter bodies might also not feel the massage as intensely as ones with heavier bodies. The featured Bluetooth might not work with all gadgets.

Final Thoughts on The Daiwa Legacy Chair

To round it all up, the U.S. Jaclean Massage Chair features a scanner that is able to read body types and adjust the massage’s intensity accordingly. The L-shaped design is also great for numerous body types. This massager chair is also able to provide you with excellent value for the money.

The 49 inches long stroke roller massager is more than enough to work your shoulder blades and make sure your back is getting the attention it deserves. You can feel the tension seeping out with each stroke.

For a massage chair that is able to help you relax when you come home from work, you can’t go wrong with this one. Treat yourself to a relaxing massage with this pocket-friendly massage chair. With this chair, you can get as close to a full-body massage as possible. So buy the Daiwa Legacy Chair, plug in your favorite songs, relax, and enjoy the best possible massage ever!

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