Osaki OS-4000 Massage Chair Review

Are you looking for a massage chair that will customize your massage based on your unique body? Do you want one that will contour to the shape of your spin, providing you with comfort and relieving tension? Are you ready to relax in a zero gravity position as you enjoy a rejuvenating massage? If so, you should check out the Osaki OS-4000. This massage chair has a slew of impressive features. It comes with a pretty reasonable price tag, making it a great option for anyone looking to buy a new massage chair. We’re breaking down the features it has, plus all the pros and cons, so you can decide if this is the best massage chair for your needs…

Features & Technology

Body Scan Technology

One of the great features of the Osaki OS-4000 is the body scan technology it provides. You will typically find this feature in some of the higher-end massage chairs (like the OS-4000T), but you might wonder if it’s really necessary. The reality is, the body scan provides many benefits because it automatically adjusts the chair’s settings based on your shape and size by thoroughly scanning your body. This gives you a more effective and personalized massage so you ultimately receive better results. The body scan technology feature is gives the massages the same level of uniqueness as though you were at a spa getting massaged. The technology really pinpoints the spots that need work on your body. It’s certainly worth having in your massage chair!

Curves to Spine

Another way this chair conforms to you is with its S-track design. This type of roller system matches the curvature of your spine so that sitting and laying in the chair become more comfortable. It allows more support on your spine and increases the effectiveness of the massage by targeting your spine and the lumbar area. Also the “S” shape of the rollers in relation to your back gives the massages an even deeper strength to them.

Zero Gravity

The Osaki OS-4000 also comes complete with the zero gravity technology that is so popular in massage chairs today. Zero gravity helps to minimize pressure on the spine while giving you a feeling of weightlessness. It is called “zero gravity” because you are in the same position as astronauts that are in the space shuttle (almost parallel to the ground with your feet slightly above your chest). Overall, it helps you to relax all over the body by creating more surface for gravity to push down on which relieves pressure/tension points in your lower back from sitting. It can also help correct spinal alignment, reduces stress on your heart, and even increases lung capacity.

Automatic Massage Programs

Inside the chair, there are twin-rollers and 32 airbags to help provide you with a massage that feels as good as a human’s touch. The airbags are placed at acupuncture points like your neck, shoulders, back, hips, calves, and feet to provide you with relief. These are used in the six automatic massage programs that are built-in to this chair. Those programs include: Healthcare, Relax, Therapy, Smart, Circulation, and Demo. You can customize your massage further by adjusting the speed and intensity levels and adjusting the width of the rollers.

Lower Back Heat Therapy

You will also find an option for Lower Back Heat Therapy, which delivers heat to the lower back area in order to soothe aching muscles. The lower back is a problem for many adults, so this feature is often highly coveted in massage chairs. There are vibrators in the arms, back, and buttocks as well, which helps to improve circulation and can relieve tension.


The design of the OS-4000 is very similar to it’s big brother, the OS-4000T. You’ll notice it has an egg-like shape on the sides which make it look very unique and futuristic. Other than that, it has a very subtle feel. This means that it will look great in almost any setting since it wont stand out like some other massage chair designs do. It is a slightly smaller chair so if you’re above six feet tall or have large shoulders, you may want to go with a chair that is bigger.

Warranty & Returns

The Osaki OS-4000 comes with a three-year warranty. This warranty covers labor costs for the first year of ownership and will cover parts until the end of the second year of owning the chair.

You will need to consult with the seller you purchase from to learn more about their specific returns policy. In most cases, customers who decide to return their massage chairs are required to pay for return shipping and are typically charged a restocking fee. Keep this in mind and be very certain before making a purchase to avoid the hassle of having to make a return.


What makes this one of the most popular massage chairs on the market, beyond its amazing features, is the fact that it comes in under what most other high-end massage chairs cost. You get all the great features for a lower cost.


Massage chairs that have a lot of features often come with a ton of buttons and controls you need to figure out how to operate. This can be a pain for someone who just wants to buy a massage chair and immediately start using it (rather than have to worry about spending a ton of time learning how). One of the great things about the Osaki OS-4000 is that you control everything through a full-size remote, which makes it so easy to operate your massage chair. You can use the remote to select massage type, choose a location to target, and adjust intensity and speed. It makes operating this chair a total breeze, as it’s pretty easy to figure out what each button does. It even comes with a wireless controller so you can control the main features of the chair without reaching for the main remote.

With a range stroke of 30-inches, it’s pretty safe to say the rollers in this massage chair will hit ever single spot on your back. After all, is there anything worse than a massage chair that just seems to keep missing that one trouble spot on your back? You won’t have to worry about that with this chair. Plus, the body scan ensures you get the best massage possible by targeting all the right spots on your body and adjusting intensity based on the curvature of your body. This provides you with the feeling of a custom massage you would receive from another person.


A major disadvantage of this massage chair is that there is no option for a gentler massage. If you’re looking for a chair that provides a gentle massage for regular use, this might not be the one for you. It’s also makes this chair not so family-friendly. This chair wouldn’t be suited well to children, as the massage may be too intense for them. However, if you’re not interested in a chair that gives the option of a gentle massage, you won’t be missing this feature. In fact, this “con” could be looked at as a pro if you were in need of a chair that provided deep massages.

Also, if you’re looking for a massage chair that includes that classic chopping movement, you won’t find it here. The Osaki OS-4000 doesn’t provide a chopping movement or a flapping movement like some other chairs on the market do. Instead, it provides a few different movements, including: clapping massage, shiatsu massage, Swedish massage, rolling massage, kneading massage, and a combination option. While these are all great movements, you’ll want to consider your favorite techniques to make sure you get the chair that delivers them.


Overall, the Osaki OS-4000 is a really great massage chair option. If you’re looking for a nice massage chair that’s at a more mid-range price, this is a great one to consider. It provides a full body massage with the help of rollers and airbags. You’ll probably forget all about that price tag once you’re transported to a state of deep relaxation.

If this sounds like the best chair for you, all that’s left is to select your color and place an order. So, which one is right for you? Brown, white, or black? Take your pick, sit back, and start relaxing!

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Osaki OS 4000 Massage Chair
  • Features & Technology
  • Warranty & Returns
  • Price
  • Overall Comfort
The Good

Great price for features included

Lower back heat therapy

Scans body for better massage

The Bad

Not as "super" gentle as other machines

Sometimes out of stock due to popularity

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