Osaki OS-4000T Massage Chair Review

Are you trying to decide between the Osaki OS-4000 and the Osaki OS-4000T? If so, you’re probably wondering what the big difference is so you can choose the one that’s best suited to your needs. Well, the good news is that we have you covered. In this post I will be sharing exactly what the difference is between the two models, plus all the features this one comes with. We’ll weigh the pros and cons so you don’t have to. Here’s the scoop on the Osaki OS-4000T:

Features & Technology

Difference Between Osaki OS-4000T & Osaki OS-4000

The Osaki OS-4000 model has been one of the best selling massage chairs in 2013 and 2014. Seeing its popularity, Osaki decided to take all of the amazing features of the OS-4000 and add upon them by making the OS-4000T. In many ways, they are very similar. They both have the same S-track massage roller technology, some number of 48 airbags, zero gravity positions, pre-programmed massages, and high-end massage chair internals/technology. However, although they are similar in some ways, they are different in many other ways. The main two ways that the Osaki OS-4000T was upgraded are an upgraded synthetic leather material for greater comfort and durability as well as a mechanical foot roller system. Both of these features make this massage chair ever so slightly better than the OS-4000. In addition to these two main new features, there has also been an upgrade to the air compression system. Many people complained that the OS-4000 air compression was very when initiated so Osaki revamped it and lowered the PSI in the OS-4000T. It’s a small change but has a deep impact on how relaxing the massage in this chair can be.

Zero Gravity Technology

So, what other features does the Osaki OS-4000T have? As mentioned above, this chair has the zero gravity technology most are looking for when it comes to a great massage chair. Zero gravity provides amazing benefits for you body, as it helps to reduce the strain on your spine and your joints by creating more surface area for gravity to pull down on your body. In doing this, less tension will be placed on your lower back (the stabilizing muscle when you are sitting) and it will also help your body be pushed deeper into the rollers through the effects of gravity.

There are also two stages to this zero gravity system, so you are able to choose just how reclined you would like the chair to be while using it. Two different positions means that you can truly customize the chair to your exact preferences.

Massage Roller System

The quad-style massage roller and the S-style massage track help to give you a deeper, more effective massage. The rollers reach from your neck and down to the lower back. The S-shaped track curves in a way that conforms to your spine. This ensures the rollers hit every single spot on your back, as opposed to straight tracks that don’t fit to your body’s shape. There’s no worrying about missing a spot with this massage chair!

Body Scanning Technology

To really customize your massage, the Osaki OS-4000T uses body scanning technology to create the perfect massage experience for you. When you select the massage program you want, the body scan will begin. The rollers will determine the curvature of your spine and height of your shoulders so the chair can determine your size. This ensures the rollers are hitting you in all the right spots.

Automatic Programs

Their are also five automatic programs built-in to this massage chair that you can choose from, but it offers manual options as well. With either choice, you are in complete control of the massage experience, so you are able to choose what works best for you and your body. You can also receive arm massages, calf and foot massages, as well as shoulder, lumbar, and hip massages. You’ll be feeling relaxed all over after a session in this chair.

Heating System

If your lower back is a frequent problem for you, you will love the heating system that’s built into this area. There are two large heating pads that provide you with a gentle heat to soothe aching muscles and release tension. Overall, this just helps to give you a better massage experience and is great at loosening those tight muscles.


The Osaki OS-4000T has a slightly updated look and feel. The first thing that is noticeable when you are up close and personal with the chair is the new leather material that is used. It is much more durable and thicker than the Os-4000 model. This will allow the chair to be used repetitively over an extended amount of time without any leather material needing to be replaced. All in all, the design is similar to the older models. It’s truly a great, minimalistic design that will settle into any home, office, or business. Why fix something that isn’t broken?

Warranty & Returns

Osaki offers a three-year limited warranty that covers parts and labors for the first year of ownership of the year. The best part of this is that you don’t have to worry about shipping the chair back to Osaki in order to receive repairs. A qualified technician will come to your home and make repairs, which prevents you from having to package the chair or pay expensive shipping fees. For the remaining two years of the warranty plan, only parts are covered. You can, however, purchase a five-year extended warranty if you would like more coverage.

You will need to consult with the seller you purchase from to learn more about their specific returns policy. In most cases, customers who decide to return their massage chairs are required to pay for return shipping and are typically charged a restocking fee. Keep this in mind and be very certain before making a purchase to avoid the hassle of having to make a return.


While it’s not the most expensive massage chair on the market, it certainly isn’t the cheapest either. If you’d like to add the Osaki OS-4000T to your household, it’s still an investment. It comes in at what most mid-range to premium massage chairs cost. For all the features it has, the prices it comes in at are still very reasonable. Of course, if you’re looking for more, you’ll have to pay a much higher price.


One of the most notable pros of this chair is the spot massage feature. It is a great one to have and perfect for those days when you have one pesky muscle area that has been bothering you. You can set the massage chair to specifically focus on that one area and let the pain vanish. It’s also fantastic for those times when you just aren’t looking for a full body massage. A quick massage of one problem area will do wonders for you!

The remote for this chair features a large LCD display, which makes it a delight to look at and very easy to use. It’s quite user-friendly, so there’s no need to stress over having too many buttons to figure out. You can easily choose one of the massage programs that are already built-in or manually select the kind of massage you would like to have. The large display is easy to see and read, so there’s no need to strain to figure out what you’re doing. The wireless mini controller is a nice bonus and allows you to control the main functions without moving to reach the larger remote.


Due to the size of the chair, it’s designed to serve people who are between 5’2” and 6’4”. If you are over 6’0”, you might feel a little cramped in this chair. You’ll want to consider the available leg room and whether or not your shoulders fit comfortably between the side panels. The leg rest does extend to make room for longer legs, but it might not be enough for some users. If you are on the tall side or have broader shoulders, you may want to consider a larger model.

Just like the 4000 model, there isn’t a gentle massage option on this chair. If you are primarily looking for a medium to strong massager, you can easily overlook this. Gentle massage options are nice for those who are younger or for days when you’re in need of something less intense.


It’s safe to say that the Osaki OS-4000T is a great option for anyone looking at a mid-range massage chair. While it may not be the most luxurious massage chair in the world, you still get a ton of great features for what you’re buying. It is resonably priced for a chair that offers body scanning technology as well as S-track rollers (both of which provide a more custom, effective massage).

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Osaki OS-4000T Massage Chair
  • Features & Technology
  • Warranty & Returns
  • Price
  • Overall Comfort
The Good

Zero gravity for better massage

Upgraded version of OS-4000

Heat therapy option

Body scan technology

The Bad

Pricey but still less than many other massage chairs at a similar level

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