Osaki OS-7075R Massage Chair Review

Are you searching for a perfect massage chair that comes in at a mid-range price? Do you want something that’s loaded with features, but also looks stylish once it’s in your home? With 13 motors, a zero gravity massage system, and 46 airbags, the Osaki OS-7075R is sure to deliver amazing results.

In this post I’ll be reviewing the features behind this chair and breaking down the pros and cons so you can decide if this is the right massage chair for you to purchase:

Features & Technology

Body Scan Technology

One of the best features of massage chairs today is the body scan. It’s truly a revolutionary piece of technology when it comes to massage chairs. Here’s how it works. When you sit in the chair and turn on the body scan mode, the Osaki OS-7075R conducts an infrared body scan to determine your size and shape. Infrared scanning works by finding the heat points in your body and uses that data to customize the chair and massage specific to your body. This level of customization is on par with going to a masseuse and getting a massage from a human being.

S-Track Technology

Speaking of custom massages, this chair also uses a 3D roller as well as S-track technology to map out your back in order to apply pressure to all the right places. An S-track roller system is one that curves in the shape of an “S” to mimic the curvature of your spine. Instead of a flat or straight roller system, this “S” motion that the rollers move in provides additional coverage and rather than pushing into your back, the rollers conform to it. Most chairs today offer S-track roller technology due to its ability to give the most personalized massage. The 3D rollers add an extra dimension to the massage when you’re in the chair. Many chairs offer just 2D massage rollers that go up and down to massage your body or back. 3D massage takes this a step further by going up and down as well as in and out. This can give you dramatically more pressure, allowing the chair to really work out all of the knots and tension in your body.

Zero Gravity

The Osaki OS-7075R has zero gravity positioning, which gives you a feeling of being weightless. In fact, you’ll be in the same position that astronauts are in during shuttle lift off. This position actually has a practical purpose. Being almost parallel to the ground takes the pressure off of specific points in your body by spreading out gravities pull on your body. Specifically, you will be able to relax into a reclined position where your knees are raised above the heart. While it may sound a bit silly, the zero gravity position has some amazing added benefits to massage, such as increasing lung capacity and reducing pressure on the heart.

Head & Foot Massagers

This massage chair is designed to make sure you get a full massage, from head to toe (literally). There’s a head massager built into this chair, which is great for anyone who suffers from headaches, migraines, or just likes to relax after a tough day. The airbag inside the massager slips right over your head and gently massages the cranial region, temporal area, and upper neck to provide the ultimate in relaxation. That’s not something many massage chairs offer. Going down to the feet, there’s a foot roller system to erase any tension you may be feeling in the soles of your feet. It’s perfect after a long day of walking or running around. The foot massagers will actually conform to your foot and press upwards on the soles of your feet to give you a deep foot massage that not many other chairs can give. In addition to all of these features, there is also side arm massagers that treat your hands and arms as well.

Massage Chair Design

I am really impressed with how Osaki designed the OS-75R. It’s lines and curves make it look futuristic but not too “out there”. That means it would look great in any modern home or office as well as traditional settings (without setting off the balance of the area). Upon sitting in the chair, you will notice how much it feels like you’re in a space shuttle cockpit. What really gives it a futuristic, space feel is the side panels. They come up in a triangle fashion with a light in the middle. When the chair is turned on, the light will set the mood of the massage. This is a subtle but very calming design feature that I’ve never seen in any other massage chair.

Warranty & Returns

One of the best things about Osaki is that they offer a nice warranty policy to customers. Each of their chairs comes with a three-year limited warranty. Parts and labor are covered for the first year of owning the massage chair. For the second and third years, only parts are covered. You can, however, purchase a five-year extended warranty if you’d like to have a little extra peace of mind knowing that your chair will be fixed if something were to happen to it.

If you do experience a malfunction on your Osaki chair, you can have a qualified technician come to your home to fix it. There’s no need to ship the chair back to Osaki or another repair facility, which would be costly to you in the end. You can schedule to have a technician come at your convenience.

The return policy on the Osaki OS-7075R will depend on where you buy it. Different sellers will have different return policies. In most cases, returns can be pretty pricy because companies will require you to pay for return shipping and will also charge you a restocking fee.


The Osaki OS-7075R often varies depending on where you’re buying it from and the amount they have in stock (check current price here). It’s a mid-range price for a great massage chair, as there are plenty of more expensive options on the market. While it’s still may cost you a bit to get one, the high quality of this chair and the features it has will make it well worth the price tag. To be fair, you want to think about a massage chair as an investment in your health and wellbeing. When people ask me how much they should spend on a massage chair, I always ask them how much they would spend if they were to get a muscle injury or end up in the hospital from a stress-induced heart attack (probably a lot). There is a reason massage chairs are so popular in Asia, they understand and value preventative healthcare over treating symptoms of a core problem. If you’re looking for something less expensive, you’re probably going to sacrifice quality and features in order to get that lower price point. This mid-range price is pretty reasonable given all the technology it contains.


Great features of the Osaki OS-7075R include the body scan technology, which allows the chair to customize the massage to your body size. Having that extra feature makes the massage experience more personalized to your needs and will deliver the best results. With six automatic programs already built-in, it makes using this massage chair even easier. All you have to do is sit down, select your desired massage program, and let the chair work its magic on your entire body. Next stop, relaxation central!

The Thai stretch massage function is a major bonus for this chair. It’s something that more massage chairs are starting to feature because it’s perfect for using after a hard workout. This feature works by gentling using the airbags to press you to the massage chair while the chair slowly stretches certain parts of your body. If you find yourself to be not too flexible or you have trouble bending over to pick things up, this feature could be a life changer. The stretch feature in the Osaki OS-7075R stretches both the spine and legs.

Finally, the full body heating in this chair is superb. While many chairs only provide heating in the lower back, this chair allows you to apply heat to all the major joints. The infrared rays provide warmth that helps to soothe those aching muscles and stimulate blood flow throughout the body.


The remote control with the Osaki OS-7075R isn’t quite as big as some other massage chairs. Many chairs on the market today come with larger remotes that feature an LCD display and some chairs even come with their own tablets. It makes this remote seem smaller by comparison. On the other hand, it’s by no means a bad remote. It just isn’t the “best” out there. It’s still very simple to understand and simple to activate the settings you want.

Another small criticism would be that there isn’t a very gentle massage option. If you are looking for a chair that only provides medium to strong massages, then this will be just fine for you. However, if you want the option to do a gentler massage for a child or elderly person, this chair won’t provide you with that.

This chair is also pretty heavy at 255 lbs, so you’ll definitely need someone to help you get it into your home and into a nice spot. The nice thing is that Amazon and some other sellers understand that it can be a hassle to get the chair into your home and assembled so they often offer direct delivery to inside your home, where the chair will be sitting. Once you’ve chosen a place for it, you aren’t likely to want to move it again due to its weight.


Overall, the Osaki OS-7075R is a fantastic massage chair. It can be purchased at a relatively great mid-range price point. While it’s not the cheapest massage chair available, it’s still a reasonable price and will give you loads of amazing features and technology if you choose to buy one.

You’re guaranteed to get amazing results with the Osaki OS-7075R due to its body scan, zero gravity positioning, and all the built-in massage programs it offers. You’ll get a complete head to toe massage that provides a human-like touch that’s both soothing and relaxing. If it’s within your budget, this is definitely a nice choice for a massage chair.

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