Panasonic EP-MA73 Massage Chair Review

How would it sound to own a massage chair that contained heated rollers and performed a powerful Japanese kneading technique to tackle all of your tight muscles? Would you like a massage chair that contains air bags that delivers a great massage to your hands, legs, and feet? If all those things sound right up your alley, we have a great option for you!

The Panasonic EP-MA73 provides all of those features and more to deliver a massage that feels just like you went to the spa and got one from a professional masseuse. To help you decide if this massage chair is the right one for your needs, we’re diving into all the amazing technology it contains and just how much it’s going to cost you to get it.


Right off the bat, one of the first things that stands out about the Panasonic EP-MA73 is its stylish, sleek design. It’s made of a faux leather that looks luxurious just as if it was the real thing. It only comes in black, which may be disappointing to some who are looking for more options. However, this neutral black will still look nice in any room of your home.

Inside the chair, there are 3D massage rollers and a total of 33 airbags that work together to provide you with a quality massage experience. There are also heated massage pads for the head and feet if you choose to use them.

The chair itself weighs 191 pounds, which means you’re going to need someone to help you bring it into the house and to assemble it. This particular model is designed to suit people who are up to 6’2 in height and up to 264 pounds. You’ll want to keep that in mind when purchasing so you make sure to buy a massage chair that meets the requirements for your body.


To give you a massage that’s fully customized to your body type, the Panasonic EP-MA73 first conducts a body scan before your massage begins. It automatically scans your body and then creates a virtual map. This map shows the contours of your body, which then guides the rollers as it moves along your back and spin. It can also identify your unique pressure points to cater the massage to you. Body scan technology is one of the most popular features in massage chairs these days because it ensures you’re getting a massage that feels just as good as one from a professional masseuse.

To make sure your massage is even better, the rollers are designed to mimic human hands. These rollers are actually heated, so they deliver warmth and pressure at the same time as it travels from your neck, to your shoulders, and down your back. It’s meant to create the same kind of feeling as a hot stone massage would. That’s a feature that not many massage chairs on the market have, but one that certainly feels great on those aching muscles.

Another unique technology that’s included on the Panasonic EP-MA73 is the UltraKnead feature. This is designed to replicate the Japanese Junetsu technique. It works by gently pressing and kneading tight muscles. This will help to loose those muscles and leave you feeling relaxed and completely refreshed.

The air bags in the chair also provide a kneading technique to massage the hands, legs, and feet. Even the air bags are designed to mimic a human’s touch so it feels like you’ve had a visit from a professional masseuse. There are also hand and arm massagers in the arm rests and air bags in the chair’s midsection. For those who are on their feet all day, they will love the stretching and kneading the air bags provide to the soles of the feet.

This particular massage chair comes with six preset massage programs already built-in. That’s a pretty good amount compared to other chairs on the market. All you need to do is choose the type of massage you want, then a simple touch of a button will have the chair working its magic in no time at all. You can choose from the following programs: Refresh (a light massage that uses a tapping technique), Deep (kneads and loosens stiff, tired muscles), Shiatsu (deep-tissue pressure and stretching), Hip (torso and pelvic massage techniques, plus kneading of the back), Neck/Shoulder (relaxes the neck and shoulder muscles), and Lower back (focuses on the middle to lower back area).

You can even choose to focus on one specific area of the body during your massage. The programs available for this include: Seat and Hips, Calves, Arms and Shoulders, Arms and Palms, and a Leg Stretch. There’s also a Reflexology option that delivers an incredible foot massage you are going to love.

Included Accessories & Other Features

The massage chair is controlled through the use of a remote that contains a screen. It’s easy to use so you shouldn’t have to worry about it being too complex. Panasonic has made it very simple to select the massage program you want and also allows you to make any necessary adjustments for speed and intensity. There is a convenient stand that houses the remote, which is perfect for safe-keeping. You won’t have to worry about it getting misplaced and it will always be within reach during a massage session.

Warranty & Support

You will receive a pretty good warranty for this massage chair, which is always a bonus. A long warranty will certainly put your mind at ease if you’re worried about any parts breaking or malfunctioning during the time you own it. Panasonic offers a five-year limited warranty on this particular model. This warranty includes both parts and labor. If there is a technical fault with your massage chair, Panasonic promises to fix it in-home, however you do need to be within a certain radius of a Panasonic service center in order to receive this.

If anything happens to the massage chair within its warranty, all you have to do is contact Panasonic’s support and they will direct you on what to do next.

What Others Are Saying

To see what real customers were saying about the Panasonic EP-MA73, we decided to search the web for some reviews to see if it lived up to all the hype and really delivered a great massage. As it turns out, the customers who have purchased this model are very pleased with it.

One customer raved about the strength of massage this chair provides, claiming it felt great from the back of her neck all the way down to her feet. Is there anything better than an incredible full body massage? We don’t think so!

Another person mentioned that he has tried a bunch of massage chairs, but this one reigns supreme for him. The chair is a great size without being too narrow in the shoulder or hip area. Others mentioned how much they enjoyed the preset massage programs that are built into the chair, as they provide many great options.

Pros & Cons

One definite pro of the Panasonic EP-MA73 is the fact it contains heated rollers. This isn’t an option you commonly see on massage chairs, but is a very nice feature to have. If you’re someone who is plagued with aching muscles or who just loves a hot stone massage, you’ll really appreciate the inclusion of this feature.

Another feature that isn’t common among massage chairs would be the Japans Junetsu techniques that this one has included. This technique works to knead and loosen tight muscles just like a professional masseuse would do. It ensures you’re getting a quality massage right in the comfort of your own home. The massage features for the hands and feet are also nice as well, considering so many people spend all day working with their hands or standing on their feet.

The only downside we can see to this particular model is that the massage sessions aren’t very long. Massage chairs typically have a timer so it shuts off after a while of use. Many of them will shut off after a 30-minute session, but this one only provides 15 minutes of uninterrupted massage time. That’s a bit disappointing since many people like to enjoy a longer massage than that. Of course, you can power the chair back up and start the massage program again, but it’s a little inconvenient.


Considering all of the amazing features that are built into this massage chair, it really shouldn’t be a surprise that it’s going to cost you a pretty penny to bring this into your home. The Panasonic EP-MA73 will cost you $8,999.95. This is obviously at the higher-end of the spectrum when it comes to massage chairs, but it does provide a lot of value for the money.

This particular model includes heated rollers as a Japanese-style technique, which are two things that aren’t common on massage chairs these days. If those things and these other features are important to you, it just might be worth the investment.


Overall, the Panasonic EP-MA73 delivers a lot of great features for the money. Not only that, but the chair has a stylish design and seems to be very durable, ensuring it’s likely to have a long life. Even if something goes wrong, there’s always comfort in knowing Panasonic can help out if you’re under warranty. If you find that these massage programs, the heated rollers, and more are just what you need in a massage chair, then this one is certainly worth a closer look.

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