Real Relax Massage Chair Review

Have you been wanting to buy a massage chair for some time now, but feel hesitant because it’s out of your price range? While massage chairs provide a lot of amazing body and mind benefits for you, the cost often holds a lot of people back. You’re either forced to pay a lot of money to get the features you want or you can buy a cheaper model, which usually lacks all the fancy technology you wish you had.

Well, what if we told you there was a model that provided amazing features and the latest technology all at a reasonable price you could afford? If that sounds like the massage chair you need in your home, then we’d like to introduce you to the Real Relax massage chair. With a sleek design and features that deliver an effective massage, this is one model that’s worth a second look. Here’s what you need to know about it:


This Real Relax massage chair is made of high-quality synthetic leather. This is a breathable material that feels smooth to the touch. It’ll feel great on your skin, which is important when making sure you’re comfortable during the massage session. Another important feature when it comes to comfort is Zero Gravity.

A majority of massage chairs on the market today have added a Zero Gravity feature. This basically allows the chair to recline into a position that leaves you feeling weightless. While in this position, your spine is supported, so there’s no need to worry about it being uncomfortable or hurting your back. Being in the Zero Gravity feature also keeps your knees and feet above your heart level, which can lower blood pressure and help you relax. It’s been proven that this is the most effective position to be in for a massage.

There are 35 airbags in this massage chair, all of which have been strategically placed. There’s a full wrap shoulder massage airbag, 360 degree seamless massage airbags in the arm rests, and hip massage airbags. The foot rest is extendable to suit various heights and there are also rollers in this area to treat sore feet. You will also find the seat provides a vibrating and heating function as well.

And it has one small detail that makes a huge difference when dealing with heavy massage chairs: wheels. Because massage chairs have a lot of parts and mechanisms inside, they can weigh a lot. As a result, they’re often difficult to move around and many people wind up setting them up in one spot and leaving them there because it’s a big hassle to move them. The wheels on this massage chair make it easy to move around when needed.

This chair also comes in three colors: black, burgundy, and khaki. Once you choose the best color option for your home, there’s no doubt this ergonomically designed massage chair will be the perfect addition to your house.


There are eight massage points in the back of the chair that work to relieve any tension or soreness you may be experiencing in the area. These massage points work in conjunction with the airbag system to deliver a full body massage. As mentioned, there are 35 airbags which have been placed in the shoulders, arms, seat, and legs. These airbags provide a gentle massage while also promoting blood circulation. The air bags inside the arm rests provide rhythm pluses to stimulate your body and relieve muscle fatigue. There are also air bags to stimulate the waist and hip area and promote overall relaxation.

Like other models, this Real Relax massage chair comes with four preset automatic programs. These programs provide a variety of massage techniques to give you an experience that’s as great as what you’d get with a professional masseuse. All you have to do is choose the program that targets the issues you’re having and you’ll be well on your way to a relaxing massage experience.

For those who are on their feet all day, they’ll appreciate the rollers inside the footrest. Many massage chair models only include air bags in the foot rest, but the inclusion of rollers gives you a deeper massage and will relieve foot fatigue.

Included Accessories & Other Features

To control the Real Relax massage chair, you will get a get a remote that comes with a high-definition vacuum fluorescent display (VFD). It’s easy to use and each of the buttons are clearly labeled. It allows you to select the mode you’d like, specific body parts you’d like to target, as well as the heat and intensity. With the remote, you’re also able to turn on the vibrations in the seat and turn on the heater. Plus, it only takes a push of a button to recline into the Zero Gravity position. You won’t have to worry about losing the remote either because it has a dedicated pocket on the right arm rest.

The air bags in the massage chair use a high-quality air pump that’s quiet so you won’t hear a bunch of noise as the airbags begin to inflate around you. It’s also reliable, so you shouldn’t have to worry about it failing during the lifetime of the chair. Real Relax has also made the chair out of advanced foam that provides shock absorption while also being flame retardant and anti-static.

Warranty & Support

Real Relax tests all over their massage chairs before they are shipped out to customers. They want to make sure they are high-quality and that users won’t experience any problems upon getting them set up. This is nice to hear because it cuts down on the worry that you may get a chair that has issues.

The company also provides a three-year warranty for this model. This warranty gives you coverage for parts, labor, and the chair’s framework. This is pretty good considering it’s standard for many massage chairs. Some chairs do come with a five-year warranty, but others only have one year, so this is a happy medium.

What Others Are Saying

Are customers happy with their Real Relax massage chairs? A majority of the online reviews we checked out show that many people are enjoying this model from Real Relax. For starters, one customer was pretty pleased at how easy set-up was. The chair arrives in two separate boxes and assembling everything is pretty straight-forward and shouldn’t take too much time at all. That’s always a plus because it means you can start using your massage chair sooner.

Another customer raved that this chair provides the best value for the money. He said the assembly only took him 15 minutes and since it has been functional, his family has been loving it. Another customer commented how this chair has done an amazing job at melting away stress and tension. It’s clear that this massage chair has been a hit with its customers, so it’s worth checking out.

Pros & Cons

The eight massage points and 35 air bags inside this massage chair ensure you get an amazing full body massage. The included remote makes it easy to select which program you want to use and allows you to change the intensity and speed as needed. Having those customization options are always a bonus.

The price is another pro for this Real Relax massage chair, but we’ll talk more about that in a moment. Just know that it is more affordable than many other options on the market, which means it’s more accessible to those who can’t afford the models that cost $6,000 and up.

Unfortunately, there are a few downsides. This chair actually doesn’t contain rollers. Most massage chairs these days contain rollers that move up and down the back to deliver your massage. This chair has massage points instead. While these points can still deliver a nice massage, some may prefer the use of rollers for a deeper massage.

It also only has four preset automatic massage programs for you to choose from. This is significantly less from other models than may contain eight or six and also offer other customization options.


Now, let’s talk about the price. This Real Relax massage chair is going to cost you $799. That may sound like a dream compared to all the other massage chair models that cost well over $1,000. However, it’s important to note the features that you do and don’t get with this model.

If it has everything you’re looking for in a massage chair, then it’s definitely worth checking out. If you’re looking for something that has fancier technology like body scans and also contains rollers, you’re going to have to shell out more cash and look into other models. It all depends on what your needs are for your massage chair. Choose the one that fits your budget, but that will also deliver you the experience you’ve been hoping for.


Overall, the Real Relax massage chair offers some impressive features for the price. It’s a Zero Gravity chair that will deliver an effective massage through the use of massage points and air bags. Even with the lack of rollers, this chair can still relieve tension and help reduce stress.

So, if you’re looking for a massage chair that costs under $1,000 and will still provide great results, check out this model from Real Relax. There are plenty of happy customers that rave about its performance, so you likely won’t be let down.

Real Relax Massage Chair Overview
  • Features & Technology
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  • Overall Comfort
The Good

Amazing chair for under $1000

The Bad

Doesn't have as many features as some other chairs.

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